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Electric Bikes, Trikes, and Kits

Electric Heated Gloves

We've gotten out hands on the newest in warming electric technology. Lithium batteries keep things compact and portable with long life and reliability. Click the page to find out more on the latest in heated gloves and vests! Or better yet, come on down and try them for yourself! We're always up for demonstrating. 

Electric Bike Conversion Kits

If you're the type of person who wants more out of your bicycle, then these kits are definitely for you! They're quick, simple, and non invasive. We carry kits to fit all styles of bicycle and tricycle! You can also find some very important information about choosing your Electric Conversion Kit HERE

Stealth Electric Bikes

The ultimate in electric bikes anywhere on the planet. These monsters tear through the mountains reaching the pinnacle of speed, durability, and versatility. Email us to find pricing, specs, and any other information! 

Nolet Electric Scooter

This is the ultimate scooter, made to order, and available on display in store! Read on and give a call to Nolet Scooters directly regarding information pertaining to ordering, customization, and delivery!